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Training courses (Example of a day program <click here>)

  • Group training (In-house)
    1 day, € 800,-pp (optimal group size: 5 participants)
    In particular, suitable for project teams/departments with an assignment abroad.

    • Draw up cultural profile of participants
    • Country of choice
    • Discuss profile of chosen country
    • Gap-analysis of country profile vs personal or group profile
    • Roleplay with situations of interest for the team or department


  • Individual training
    1 day + 3 coaching sessions: € 1.750,-
    In particular, suitable for individual assignments abroad (expats) or for foreigners coming to The Netherlands (inpats).

    • Draw up cultural profile of individual
    • Country of choice
    • Discuss profile of chosen country
    • Gap-analysis of country profile vs personal profile
    • Roleplay with situations of interest for the individual


  • Customized training course
    € 185,- per hour (4 hours minimum)

    • Coaching
    • Consultancy
    • One day workshops
    • Events


  • Open training courses
    There are some open training courses for individuals at various locations in the Randstad, like Amsterdam and Utrecht.
    For this, the price is € 900,- per participant.

    • Draw up cultural profile of participants
    • Some ‘main’ countries will be discussed
    • Discuss profile of chosen countries
    • Gap-analysis of country profiles vs personal profiles
    • Roleplay with situations of interest for the participants


All prices are VAT excluded.



Intercultural Management and Communication Training

Many of the difficulties of doing business between internationally operating companies arise from of a lack of knowledge of cultures at both sides. In combination with not having the appropriate skills, this can lead to prejudices and assumptions, eventually leading to disturbancies in the relationship.


Globalisation, internet and all modern communication possibilities play a large role in this. The world seems to be small, communication lines are getting much shorter and communication possibilities much wider. Therefore we tend to ignore the existence of the differences in the name of a ‘Global culture’, which is believed to transcend national cultures and behaviours.

Nolores helps closing this gap with coaching and training programs to adapt personal skills and eliminate prejudices at both sides of the table.





We apply our methodology between the theoretical, academic world of intercultural models and insights and trainings methodologies. With business cases and real life intercultural management experience.

Intercultural awareness is a vital skill to enable you to adapt behaviour, communication-, negotiation- and management styles accordingly. It simply avoids making a faux pas and will uplift negotiations and communications and gives new competitive advantages. We offer:

  • Country specific programs
    To succeed to do business, to recruit, negotiate and buy or sell cross border.
  • Management skills programs
    Management of people and multicultural teams worldwide. Improve leadership effectiveness and -efficiency in international management situations.
  • International development programs
    Boosting export, international negotiations and -business. Manage key accounts and foreign branches to further internationally expand your organisation.


Your Unique Buying Reason

We believe that every person and organization need a specific and tailor-made approach. That’s why we use the insights of proven and relevant methodologies and models and a tailor made mix of theory and practice.

  • Independently: helping you to choose the right approach
  • With senior intercultural management expertise
  • Coaching and advise, understanding the intercultural playground


Your Unique Buying Reason is that we will only do business when you need it. Together  we fully have to agree upon understanding your needs, choosing the right approach with the appropriate model and practices with the right expert.



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